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Silent Money Machine New Affiliate Program - Review

If you are a beginner striving for online business and want make quick bucks without spending a penny, this is a program for you. No catch. No gimmick. Period.

I am earning respectable income from affiliate programs and always on the look for programs having definite income scope. On an average I spend 2-3 hours daily searching for reasoable opportunity to make money. I came across a program called Silent Profit Machine. This guy says you can make $2750 with every 100 visitors which is not a very big deal. This is a simple and unique free of cost money making opportunity specially meant for beginners. No catch. No gimmick. Consider this is one of very important messages and head towards the website. Consider this is one of very important messages You will ever come across.

I have spent on an average 10-15 hours daily searching for a perfect opportunity to make money. I have read hundreds of ebooks, white papers and special reports. To my amazement, all of these documents presented generalized and rehashed information, albeit in different style and wording of selling pitch.

I have read hundreds of ebooks, white papers and special reports on how to make money. To my amazement, all of these documents presented generalized and rehashed information, albeit in different style and wording. There is something unique in this program which makes it different from the crowd.

For anyone to profit from an online business, it is necessary to acquire basic knowledge about how online markets work, what sells online and what doesn't, i.e. what products or services people online are searching and what you can supply. If you do not do that first, you will find yourself at the same place after a year where you are standing at present. Since you will find everybody selling their own products to you, and you are likely more than confused and may end up spending few hundred dollars in worthless products. The fact of the matter is that there are countless ways you can make money on the internet. Few of the important models are:

  • Selling your own product or service
  • Affiliate marketing (Selling others' product or service)
  • Email marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Earning money from Google Adsense advertising
  • Ebay
  • Article Marketing, and the latest
  • Social networking and marketing etc.
Unless you understand how each model works, it is difficult to make money online. You are supposed to master at least one model thoroughly, instead of jumping from opportunity to opportunity, have your own website and required tools, before you are ready to make money online.

When you read through various websites, newsletters and ezines, everyone is beating drum their product is best. It is natural to get distracted in crowd.

It is far better to test a product without spending your money. With such a practical, you will not only earn money but have first hand experience of how web works.

The Biggest Problem Beginners Face

Ask anyone and he will tell you that most difficult part of online business for a beginner is finding a right program. If you come across a reasonable program, grab it and start promoting. Very simple statement. That is online secret.

In the mid of cut throat competition, here comes a UNIQUE NEW PRODUCT free of cost. If you have basic knowledge of computer and internet, you can earn with this system. No website required. You can earn at least $ 2475 for every potential 100 visitors with some promotion and the program has unlimited potential. You just promote the program and earn money. It is that simple. I have found this product so impressive and solid that I thought to write a Review.

Even with a slow pace, if you are able to attract 100 potential visitors, you can make $ 2475 easily with no upper limit. Earning can be much more. This is a conservative estimation in respect of a beginner, you can imagine about a super marketer. I am told just recently one person earned $195 in a wek with this program. People are generally tight lipped about their real incomes for obvious reasons.

Earning Process

All you have to do is promote the affiliate link provided to you by Silent Profit Machine. Apart from this, you will have to do nothing else. Send traffic to your affiliate link and watch earning.

How to Promote a Product online

  • You can promote your affiliate link in many ways:
  • Post your affiliate link in relevant forums. There are hundreds of forums you can join for free. Read their terms and conditions and start advertising.
  • Write an article or a page about this product and post in hundreds of article directories. It is free to publish on article sites. Read their terms and conditions.
  • Devote some time and read articles about google adwords. You can buy adwords ads and advertise through google. This will entail spending some money on advertising.
  • Caution! You need to use google adwords program wisely or you may end up with money.
  • Advertise on newsletters and ezines.
  • Post in your blog if you have one. Otherwise, create your blog right now if you don't have one. It is free at blogger.com


It is important to note that you need only time to devote on promotion of this product. Every marketer does this practice, big or small in their own ways. Secret of earning lies in product promotion. The more you promote, the more you earn.

By the way, if you choose to promote some other product, the process will more or less remain the same.

One very solid reason is that this product is new and has market. Promoting a new product is much beneficial than promoting an old saturated product having no demand.

It is in your overall interest that you visit the website and take action before it is too late.

On the internet marketing arena, timing is everythingthat I learnt hard way. If you skip now, you will skip forever because of information overload which may prevent you from taking action.

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