using easy to work cloaker to earn real money quick in affiliate marketing
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Protect Your Affiliate Commissions by Using Covertlinks Affiliate Link Cloaker - Review

With the use of affiliate link cloaker, you can easily change/hide long, ugly looking affiliate links to be a page of your website. You can use cloaker only when you have your own website. If you are doing online affiliate marketing business, use of link cloaker is a must. This is simple to use small software which makes redirect pages and changes affiliate links to easy to use and beautiful looking shorten url. Use of this cloaker is very easy. You need just to fill in information in few boxes and with the click of button, your new page and redirect url is ready which you can copy and paste.

You have already heard about little known problem faced by almost every affiliate known as "Affiliate Commission Theft". If you have not heard about it, this may be that you might have not so far experienced it. But in any case, the problem is very serious. Imagine, you made 10 sales of a particular product but receive credit for only five sales. Commission for 5 (50%) gets stolen along the way.

It is a proven fact that this problem can cost an affiliate loss of at least half their affiliate earnings, without their knowing about it. Since your site is successfully selling differenct product or services, you might not even be aware of the total loss in hard earned money since there is no way to spot the thief easily unless you spend big money on investigation.


I have recently come across a new solution to a problem that has bothered me for some time.

This happens when your affiliate commission is either "stolen" or "chopped" by online internet thiefs. Some customers insert their own affiliate ID into your affiliate link before buying a product, getting your commission paid into their own account. Others seeing the long url, justl chop off the affiliate link at the end of a URL, and reach the product site, thereby depriving you of your rightful commission.

But I have been successfully using a small and easy to use but very effective, a software tool called Covertlinks Affiliate Link Cloaker which can easily build professional links for your affiliate urls and requires no technical skills and easy to use and requires no technical skills.

Just with a few clicks, you can make the product you are promoting appear to have its own page on your website.

This is very viable to implement. You can use the software indefinite times. This increases the number of people clicking onyour link (more people will trust a link on your own site) as well as protecting you against lost commissions.

You can get more details and download a copy of Covertlinks Affiliate Link Cloaker and start using within five minutes. If you save money on this life saving product, you would be loosing many times more in terms of cash dollars.
covertLinks Advanced Affiliate Link Cloaker

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