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A Foolproof Test for a Powerful Leader

By simple answers you could answer right now to know where you are standing and where you need to improve.

Creating a leadership test, especially, a leadership quick test is fraught with dangers and quite challenging. Leadership is as much a science as it is an art, and it is quite difficult to create a small set of questions that can encapsulate the entire set of leadership qualities as it is a vast subject. If you just research on the net, and you will find hundreds of websites offering you quick and fun tests that promise to assess leadership skills in an individual. While these tests may vary in their type and content, all these assessment tests have one common thread binding them. All these tests will try and assess the subject for a pre-defined definite set of qualities.

Let us check these attributes and/or qualities one by one.

A test that aims to assess leadership skills of a person will contain quite a few test items that will check for communication skills of a leader. Communication is one of the most important attributes in leadership. We all understand the importance of communication in leadership, but we often tend to ignore the degree of importance Communication is not about oratory skills, it is more about construction the message. Then use the proper set of words to convey the idea to the listener. It is extremely critical for a leader to be able to share ideas, dreams and motivation with team members. And for this to take place, a leader should have extremely well communication skills.

Take up any test for leaders, and you will surely find couple of questions pertaining to people management skills. No leadership test, a long one or a leadership quick test, can ignore the important people management skills. Leadership is all about managing people! However, there is no thumb rule in understanding and managing human beings. We are so different from each other, and have our own set of values, aspirations, weaknesses and strengths. What motivates one may be absolutely mundane for another. Something that instills fear in one may be just game for yet another person. The ability to understand the thought process of a person is one of the factors that sets a great leader from a not so great a leader.

Gut feeling and hunches are known to have helped take successful decisions. But, those are more of exceptions rather than being rules. In this knowledge driven world, it is critical that the leader should be able to take informed, logical and structured decision and should not go but gut feeling alone. A structured thought process requires strong analytical and reasoning faculties, and that is why you will find almost all tests including a good number of questions that assess these faculties. Head over the heart is the mantra of the greatest of the leaders.

Whereas leadership tests, especially leadership quick tests offer us an excellent way to identify possible areas of improvement, all advances in research methodologies and different domains of science and humanities, leadership is still an enigma. From the foregoing it is clear that it is quite difficult to create a test that can accurately assess and quantify leadership skills of a particular person.

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