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Why Women Reject Men - and How You Can Get Your Girlfriend Back Today!

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All over the world, men have to deal with very similar relationship issues. The classic example of a man that loses his girlfriend, only to realize that he would do ANYTHING to get her back, plays out in all corners of the world. And there are some universal things that affect all relationships. You can learn why women reject men and use that information to get your girlfriend back today.

Here are a few insights to get your girlfriend back:

1. Women reject a man when they longer feel attraction for him. If you find that the relationship with your ex girlfriend had gone stale, then your only way to get her back is to cause her to feel attracted to YOU again. The thing is, you are not going to be able to do this if you lay down and cry over losing her. This is NOT going to make her find you appealing at all. Sure, she might feel pity, but a pretty girl does not fall in love with a man for his sorrows. The idea of a woman coming back when she realizes that the man cannot live on without her makes for great movie romances and grocery store novels, but the real deal is that you cannot let her see you this way.

2. She has to see that you can get on without her. Once she knows that you can handle your own life without her, this is going to make her see YOU as a man that has things in control and this is very attractive to a woman. Your ex-girlfriend needs to see that you can move on with your life before she will feel the desire to get back with you. When you can begin to make your life better, your power to attract your girlfriend back to you will get that much stronger.

3. Following the wrong advice can easily make her lose the attraction and forget about you. A classic example is the guy that takes the advice of his close buddies, only to find out that they know as little as he does. This is not a recipe for success wen it comes to getting back with your girlfriend. This is a recipe for disaster as you watch her leave for one last time, this one, for good. Instead of following your buddies advice, find a method that will work to get your girlfriend back.

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