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The Advantages of Online Dating for Women

Who says that you need words to communicate in your millionaire dating? Communicate through body language, the language that have mystified men for centuries with its mysteriousness. Using body language to your advantage would be a great tactic to master.

Here are some mysterious body language for women:

1. Eyes.

Establish eye contact. Look at your date's eyes when talking with him. If you don't look him in the eyes while talking, it would either come across as you don't have an interest in him, or that you are hiding something from him, or that you find him so unattractive that you can't bear to look him at the face. For whatever reason you may have for doing it, this would make your date uncomfortable.

If you look into your date's eyes, you can also get an inkling of how he feels towards you. Whoever said that "the eyes are the windows to your soul," sure knew what he was talking about. If he makes eye contact with you, then that proves that he is interested in what you've got to say and wants to get to know you better.

However, let us establish that weird, prolonged staring is NOT considered eye contact AT ALL. Okay? It may freak your partner out, the same way you might get freaked out if it was done to you.

2. Smile.

A sincere smile is one of the easiest ways to break the ice of a first date. And it's a good way to get things started right at the beginning of the date.

But don't overdo it and creep him off by smiling during the entire time of your date. Smiling the entire time would just be to over the top. But make sure that you do smile every once in a while because a smile is always the cheapest, yet more sincere, form of appreciation.

3. Limbs Uncrossed.

Make sure that your arms remain uncrossed during the date, unless its cold and you're already shivering. Symbolically, arms crossed means that you are in a defensive stance. Be open with your arms because good hand gestures are good forms of communication.

Legs crossed are a defensive pose more applicable to men. Since us women are used to wearing skirts or dresses on dates, then it is perfectly alright to cross our legs for propriety and fashion's sakes. Besides, this is often done by women wearing skirts and would not want to show anything by accident.

Now that you know about the mysterious and alluring body language that you can apply on your millionaire matchmaker dates. If you need more Dating Tips for Women, then head on over to our blog at =>


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