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Internet Marketing Technology - Then and Now

Every now and then we hear the statement that internet technology in general and internet marketing technology in particular, keep changing every few months. If you do not keep pace with the changing technology, you remain far behind. We read statements over and over that what we read today will be obsolete six months later. Such statements many a time frightens us. This article is intended to dispel some myths prevailing on the internet.

There is no doubt that technology keeps changing not only in internet arena buy in every walk of life. People generally adapt to the new systems, willingly or unwillingly at their pace.

Technological changes so taking place are for our benefit and we can enhance our life or business using new technologies. But the fact is that older technologies still keep working and you need not worry on that account. With reference to internet, all those basic technologies, software and programs that were in use five years back, are still in use, with updates and enhancements. All those computer programs like internet explorer, excel, power point, paint, photoshop etc. still keep working. Nevertheless, they have undergone drastic changes for the benefit of users. None has vanished in 'six months'. The basic things still keep working. There may be some examples here or there to counter the argument, but more or less the arguments holds ground.

Let's now think of internet marketing technologies. Web 2.0 has registered its entry and welcomed by all. But blogging is still there to stay. Forums have been there for quite long and will continue. Likewise, email marketing is there to stay as on the important medium of communication for marketers for long despite what 'people' say to the contrary.

On the internet arena new software, browsers, anti-spyware, antivirus, storage devices etc. keep coming most of which are just improved or updated versions. Once you have worked with the earlier version, you can easily switch to the new version. It can't be said that the technology has changed upside down, and can't be used. Only updates have arrived which every computer savvy person can deal with effectively.

In the internet marketing area, I have seen gurus using the same old systems of marketing and selling that they used five years back. They have just added blogs, RSS, Web 2.0 in their marketing mix.

Author feels that beginners need not worry about latest technologies. They only need first to focus on setting up the business. They need to keep themselves abreast of the changes taking place so that at the appropriate time they can use it without difficulty. The latest fad of Web 2.0 social networking is the concern of advanced marketers. If a beginner does not have a complete system in place like web site, product, autoresponder, content etc., what good can he or she make of Web 2.0?

Keep yourself abreast of the latest happenings in the internet technology and adopt wherever necessary, striking a balance between the old and the new is the way to go.

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