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How to live Normal Life Even with Diabetes

14th November is a World Diabetes Day every year. This day TV, newspaper and other print media highlight about how anyone suffering with diabetes can better control his or her disease.

If the reports announced by 20th Annual World Diabetese Congress of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) are any indication, India hs to keep itself prepared at the diabetic epidemic that is looming large over its horizons. International Diabetic Federation has reported that India followed by China and US has the highest number of people suffering from diabetes. These facts are really stunning and health authorities need to spread awareness and take real steps to fight the disease. It is not that only middle class or poor people are in the grip of diabetes. Even many prominent people, politicians, celebrities, sportsmen, people from all walks of life are in the grip of diabetes.

The key to living a normal life with diabetes

People who have suffered from diabetes and who are still living normal life suggest on the basis of their real life experience that diabetes is not a hindrance in leading a normal life. If you keep a tab on your blood sugar level and change your life style, by reducing salt, sugar and caffeine intake, and adding some activity in your daily routine and avoid weight gain, you can reduce incidence of diabetes to a great extent or even lead a normal life.

Dietary Preferences and Diabetes

People have lot of misconceptions about the dietary preference coming from all sides. rule of thumb is you must contact expert doctor or dietician to draw up a chart of diet and follow it strictly if you are suffering fro m diabetes. Depending upon blood glucose level and your overall health and tests results, doctor would prescribe what diet is suitable in case you are suffering from diabetes.

Educating yourself properly on diabetes diet matters is very important to prevent complications and deal with diabetes effectively.

To recap, eating healthy fibrous foods, exercising regularly if prescribed by doctor and maintaining balance with will help a lot to deal with diabetes effectively.

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