Benefits of simple organic diet
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Benefits of Eating Simple, Organic Diet and Keeping Healthy

It is important to keep oneself aware of day-to-day diet and eating habits. It is the simplest, yet the best way to remain healthy. Eating everything and anything and doing everything and anything, whether good or bad at any time, is not a good sign of a healthy mind and healthy body. Sometime people eat just for the sake of eating to kill state of boredom which is not only harmful but illogical too.

In the studies conducted from time to time, it has been brought out that people, who live simple life, eat simple diet, raw food and live near nature live longer years than the urbanized people who are always running after the fast food technology ignoring health aspects.

Simple form of the food is that we derive from plants, fruits and vegetables. These raw type of food not only boost the immunity but also enhance longevity and help in prevention of several diseases. Just for example, the brussel sprout is rich in Vitamin C which is highly useful in cold and coughs. In addition, it is useful in infection control, diabetes and detoxification of body. Another example is raw garlic which is known as sexual desire stimulant and strawberries andraspberry are also famous for the same benefits. Honey, it is said helps in improving sterility and impotence. Oysters are good source of zinc and protein. Boosts sperm count.

Simple diet also implies non-consumption of poultry products like chicken, meat, fish etc. Although non-vegetarians give their own reasons for consuming meat, but it is always better to be vegetarian. The same kind of minerals, proteins and chemicals people get from meat products can be had from vegetables and fruits also. Variety of meat products is limited whereas vegetables and fruits are in abundance and one can always have variety of diet.

The simple food that in raw form, vegetables and fruits contain all kinds of anti oxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals that are sufficient for a healthy strong body. A person who gets sick, has just to rely on fruits and light simple food.

Keeping a control on eating habits, doing exercise regularly, taking part in some religious activities in whatever you believe like going to church and reading religious and mind-power enhancing books is an easy way to keep your mind, body and soul in healthy state. This is simple yet powerful secret of perfect health of many celebrities.

Final Thought

We can say that good diet habits can help a lot in keeping the doctor away and saving much of the budget which could otherwise go to hospitals and medicos in purchase of medicines.

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