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Process of How to Listing On Ebay To Succeed In Your Ebay Business

Believe it or not, the success or failure of your eBay Store comes right down to your listing practices. Listing your items for sale seems like tedious work, however you must take your time and do it correctly to maximize your sales potential. By using these strategies, you will be able to get a larger audience to your eBay Auctions and the potential to gain more sales and higher ending bids! Consider multiple auctions for spelling variations - If you have multiple quantities of the same items for sale, consider having two or more listings with different spelling variations of the product in the title. For instance you could either be selling "tshirts" or "t-shirts".

Include only keywords in your title - Never waste your space by including the words like "LOOK" or "WOW". No one searches for those terms and you are just using up space instead of your valuable search phrases. Make sure you keep your title using the major searchable keyword phrases only. Include keywords in your description - A lot of people search by description too so make sure you repeat your keyword phrases in your description as well. However make it easily readable and not just a bunch of random words lumped together. Include lots of details in your description - People want to know exactly what it is you have for sale. Include "too much" information just to be sure, otherwise you could lose a potential bid! Even things like dimensions, wattage, color, and details like that are very important! Don't make the seller chase you down by having to ask a question, it's very frustrating to them.

Learn to use HTML or an HTML editor - Listers who lump all of their text into one paragraph sell 30% less than people who break their paragraphs up and make it more readable. Also avoid using all capital letters and just make it all around easy on the eye. Talk to your potential bidders as a friend - These people are bidding on an item from a total stranger. Don't talk to them with "business talk" in the description, talk as if you were chatting with a friend. It builds up trust. Add color and graphics - Don't go overboard with too many things that takes the listing too long to load, but adding some color and graphics will enhance the listing and make it more appealing.

By using these very simple techniques, you will have a better eBay Auction. You will get more bids, thus driving your sales higher and you will have a higher chance of success in your eBay Auction Business! Listing your items on eBay can be very confusing if you don't know where to start. Here are a few tips on getting your items listed so that they sell. When you list your items on eBay, write an accurate description. You do not have to write long paragraphs of rambling information but provide exact measurements, colors, condition, etc. Be extremely precise when it comes to your description.

Just as using a strong auction title for a book, your eBay auction title needs to captivate buyers. You are allowed 45 characters for your title and you need to use common words that will draw attention. Use this space carefully and to your advantage. Think of words that will be easily found when people conduct a search. For example, if you are selling six yards of fabric you could say something like, “Stunning material – Don’t miss this great bargain.” If you are selling fishing poles, try something like, “Love to fish? GREAT buy on fishing poles!”

Since the search option on eBay looks for specific characters, you should try to list the item both singular and plural. As an example, for the fishing poles, you could list the auction as, “Fishing Poles – Get your fishing pole now!” Avoid wasted words such as WOW or Look Here. Buyers are looking so there is no need to tell them to look. Again, as buyers looking through the listings, the titles are what will capture their attention. Make your impression a strong one!

Saving space in titles can be important if you have a longer description. Look at other auctions selling the same type of merchandise to get an idea of the types of abbreviations that will work. As an example, you could write, “Do U love to fish?” or “Gorgeous material 4 sale.”

When you write your description try to think of questions buyers may have so your description will answer as many possible questions as possible. This will save time in relaying messages back and forth. This would include the manufacturers’ name, condition of the items, special features, warranties, color, defects, etc. When you choose which category to list your items, choose wisely. You will find some categories that are similar yet just enough different that it could make a big difference in how your items is sold. Look at other items listed and choose appropriately.

In your description, provide accurate details regarding shipment. Make sure the items are sent within the time you stated. In many cases, people purchase something for a specific purpose and if you do not ship it when stated, not only do you mess up their schedule for the item but you have probably lost a customer and opened the door for a negative feedback. Advise potential buyers of any flaws in your products. If you are selling a plate that has a small chip, mention this in the description. If you are selling fabric and it has a small tear, disclose this information. The majority of eBay buyers are looking for bargains, which means minor defects can often be overlooked. The worse possible scenario would be to keep a flaw hidden and then have to deal with handling returns as well as losing a buyer.

Set your auctions low, which will help encourage more bidding. The more bidding you have, the higher the price will ultimately go. In addition, if you add a “Buy Now” option for your auction, keep this set at a reasonable rate as well.

The more options you can provide potential buyers, the better your chances of making the sale. Your options include PayPal, which is an online payment service, Billpoint, eBay’s payment system, personal checks, money orders, or cash. Remember that you will have buyers from around the world so an online payment service is extremely helpful.

You should always charge actual shipping costs. Several options can be added to your account that provides the actual costs. Another option is to state that you will provide actual shipping at the end of the auction, based on the destination zip code. Overcharging customers for shipping and handling is frowned upon and will result is unhappy customers.

If you have two or more of one item, you can list it as a "lot.” For example, if you had five bottles of suntan lotion purchased from a salvage store for .50 each, and you decided to list them on eBay for $1.00 each, rather than list each one separately, another option is to sell them as a lot. Often times, people perform their search based on lots. However, if you had one bottle of suntan lotion, one bottle of regular lotion, and one bottle of aloe vera, you would want to list them as their own item.

While auctions without photographs can and do sell, auctions with photographs sell much better. People like visualizations and want to see what their money is getting them. Make sure your photograph is clear, focused, and depending on the item (such as rings, shoes, etc.), offers more than just a straight view. Size and Weight If possible, stay with items that are smaller and lightweight. Remember that whatever you sell, you have to ship. Items such as furniture, lawnmowers, etc. are generally sold through a manufacturer or wholesaler. As an independent seller, you want to sell items that are easy to manage. Set up accounts with several overnight couriers such as Federal Express and UPS. Once again, the more options offered, the better your auction will be received.

It is important to list the city and state where you are located. Not only does this help the buyer determine shipping to make sure you are not overcharging them but if you are selling larger items such as furniture, automobiles, or appliances where the buyer would have to pick the items up, it would let them know if they want to bid based on location. As an example, if you have a refrigerator for sale and you live in New York, someone from California is not going to drive clear across the country just to pick up the appliance whereas on the East Coast might.

Including information about accessories is very important since many times people are looking specifically for the accessories/attachments that go along with the items. What if you were buying a weed eater but had a bad back? You need one that has a good shoulder strap. If the buyer visits your auction and finds the weed eater, you are selling to be exactly what they are looking for and the price is right but there is no strap, you have lost a sale. Include all accessory/attachment information even if you think it has no value.

When selling antiques or collectibles, you should provide a history of the items. If you have artwork for sale in your auction, provide the buyer with its origin. People love to have history, especially when it comes to collectibles, which is part of what adds to its value. Without embellishing, make the story a good one.

You need to establish a sound recording system. This would consist of the item name, any associated reserve price, description, flaws, buyer’s name, price sold for, payment received date, etc. This helps to ensure the entire transaction for that item is complete from beginning to end and provides you with information should you need to list that same item or a similar item. Additionally, the record will help you know what your income was. If you choose to use eBay’s checkout system, make sure every box is checked when you list your items. This option can be helpful when used correctly, but can also be confusing.

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