PPC campaign for affiliate marketing
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Starting A PPC Campaign from Scratch

Pay-Per-Click ads are most relevant targeted sponsored ads that you, or others pay for to show up in the top sponsored results in top search engines. It is the most effective type of ad next to free organic search engine results. People click on your pre-defined keywords and land at your page to give you your desired results.

Keyword Research

You have to do a lot of serious homework in tailoring your PPC ads before submission to top search engines. It requires a lot of research work using keyword tools, which come in free version and paid versions. Be it known that paid versions are more effective. Most people being lazy, do not try it at all or do it wrong without proper study and don't get desired results. For example, people send PPC traffic direct to their affiliate or other blog sites. If the visitor does not covert, they have not taken his email address and the visitor is gone for good.

Collecting Opt-in Subscribers

You should at least first set up a mechanism to collect their email address by offering a free email course, white paper, ebook, tutorial etc. through a landing page, autoresponder etc. otherwise what is fancy of using PPC at all. If you are not using the established practice, it is waste of money. Means as an internet marketer, you should be armed with landing pages, autoresponder, own website before you can dive in PPC.

Before experimenting with PPC, it is advised to read as much as possible free tutorials and some free books, case studies freely available on the internet. Almost everyone with one voice is hailing Perry Marshall's ebook on google adwords. That is a good investment. I must emphasize, if you are really serious about adwords, reading of Affiliate Project X- six figure secrets exposed is recommended.

Mastering Google Adwords

While writing ad for google adwords, you have to think a bit what old school has been saying. One thing, your ad has to be very attractive, stand out in millions, if you want to win PPC game. It is not difficult once you starting writing your own ads. How do you do that? By writing Impressive, Attractive and Emotional words using strong verbs. You have very limited space to say your proposition and you have to say a lot in that limited space. You can very easily understand this concept. Watch few ads on the search engines result pages, just to educate you more about that. See with an eye of an analyst. You will understand everything easily.

Final Thought

If you are just starting out or a middle level player, set your daily spend budget on google adword ads. Start with small budget, track CTR results. If your ads are performing well, continue otherwise make little refinement and change of your ads or pause campaign. You can use google's ad tracking tool or an independent third party tool for PPC ad tracking, choice is yours. When it comes to PPC, tread carefully i.e. your ads groups should be crafted in an intelligent way. Final rule of thumb for PPC is test and test till the last minute.

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