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6 Affiliate Mistakes You're Probably Anik Singal

Everyday I see more and more affiliates making the same mistakes. The worst part is that they’re just doing what they’re taught by the so-called “experts.”

It’s no shock to me that 95% of affiliates aren’t make any money. The problem isn’t that some people are just “better” than Others. The problem is just the way that the 95% are running their business. This is why I’m going to diagnose the 6 most common mistakes sees affiliates make every day.

Avoid These 6 Mistakes like the plague:

1. Not Building For Search Engines:

If you’re an affiliate and want to be successful at it, you better learn to make search engines your best friend. Search engines are a better source for long-term, targeted and FREE traffic. Make sure to build your site in clean HTML coding, provide good content and optimize all your pages (not just the home page).

2. Not Enough Text! Too Many Banners:

This might be the #1 problem that I see across hundreds of sites almost daily. Think back to why you’re online! To find information right? What good are banners to you? Do banners provide you any good information? Absolutely not.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discourage using banners. I am just saying to use them only after you have content on your website. Preferably, stick to just 1 or 2 banners. The goal here is to hook someone with good content, then urge them to click the banner to learn more. Don’t just slop up a bunch of banners and expect to become a super affiliate?

3. Promoting Only One Product:

This was something I learned from Ken Envoy and it made no sense to me until I tried it. Let’s use an example to illustrate: Let’s say you’re looking for a car and you ask someone, “Hey, which one should I buy?” Would you rather have the person show you 3, give you the positives and negatives and then suggest a car or just shove one of them down your throat and refuse to talk about anything else?

I think the answer is clear you much rather have someone RECOMMEND something. So, do the same on your websites let your consumer choose what link they click on (your conversions will go through the roof).

4. Not Giving Away FREE Products:

Another mistake committed on almost 98% of the websites I visit is an apparent lack of viral marketing built into their system. If you want to hook someone and build loyalty, put some of your best information into a small PDF, give it away for free, and watch your sales and traffic multiply. NOTE: This is a more long-term strategy so be patient!

5. Hard-Selling:

If you know anything about affiliate marketing, then you’ve heard of PRE-SELL. Surprisingly it’s a shocker that most people never use it. PRE-SELL is when you warm up to your visitor with some good content and information and then slowly “recommend” them to buy something.

I also never thought this would work until I tried it. Hard-selling is what your merchant should be doing, you, however, should avoid it at all costs.

6. Too Much Going On?

This mistake is similar to the “Too many banners” mistake. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have WANTED to buy something but just couldn’t find the right link to do it.

Some affiliate websites have a million things going on that the reader gets so confused they hit the back button and never come back. Keep your pages targeted and clean and go for ONE goal- to get the click over to the merchant(s) you’re promoting.

Golden Rule: The more you show them, the more confused they get.

I highly suggest reading those 6 again. They are very important to master if you want to become a super affiliate one day. Even I am going back to my old projects and still fixing my mistakes; they’re all over the place. Fortunately, the second I fix them I see an enormous difference. If you take the time to do the same you will see an enormous difference too!

Anik Singal is a 21 year old successful entrepreneur online. If you want to learn more about exactly how to become a super affiliate and receive step by step training from a team of experts, please visit: AM Classroom - Anil Singal

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