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Is it Possible to Build Online Business Working 60 Minutes a Day?

We read all over the internet that we can set up internet marketing and affiliate marketing business just working four or five hours a week. Many people buy into the proposal. Is it really possible to set up online business just working 60 Minutes a day or it is just a myth.

Well, just like a coin, this proposition has two very important facets. It is very important that these facts are clarified once and for all. The answer is yes for a very little percentage of marketers; and for the average and majority beginners, the answer is, no. A lot of research has been done from time to time on this.

Those persons who have spent years learning programming, designing, marketing, advertising, or copyrighting find it is very easy and can really repeat really set up internet business doing work just for an hour a day.

An average person knowing only basic computer functions needs much more time to learning and applying and testing the results. A person in Internet Marketing business is expected to fairly understand and apply all the five elements successfully.

There are certain exceptions. If you are doing only blogging, it may demand less time, in case you make a post or two a day.

Other exceptions are:

  1. When you are using autopilot website, all-in-one solutions.
  2. When you outsource every single task of marketing.
  3. You hire employees to do Internet Marketing under your directions.
  4. You are expert of every single know how related to Internet Marketing business.
  5. .You are doing only a single piece of promotion like email marketing or article marketing or only blogging, results would be different and directly proportionate to efforts you put in.
Author's opinion is setting up of even a partially automated internet marketing business requires commitment of at least two hours a day to understand, learn, put to practice. In this way, you will be able to setup successful Internet Marketing business and start earning money from your efforts.

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