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How to Earn Atleast Dollars 150 in First Ten Days Ethically!

If you firmly decide and work on the plan that you want to earn at least dollars 100 in a week or ten days, it is not that difficult. You just need to work out a plan and take action on the same. Working hard will produce he desired result. You can try the following strategy to earn dollars 100 or $ 150 in the nest fifty days. This is under the presumption that you already have a website and know the step-by-step system how to promote the online business on the internet. Here is how the strategy goes.

You will be achieving your goal by writing your articles on your website, blogs and social networking websites. You have to write appealing articles giving real and useful information to your readers so that they click your offer to know more about what is in it for them.

Product Selection

There are hundreds of products available at Clickbank and commission junction to promote. Sign up with 4-5 programs offering good products and having good sales letters. You can get fairly good from online research of what other top affiliates are promoting.

When you have selected good products, you want to write good article or review about each. The article contains keywords and keyword phrases at strategic places so that it can be found when searched by online community. At the end of article, you generally make a mention of your bio which is an introduction about product website. Here you can take two routes. You can send the visitor direct to your affiliate product website or to your squeeze page to get email address and name of the visitor so that you can follow up with the prospect later.

A large number of article directories are available for you to submit your article. Some top directories are:

If you have not already registered with them, join these directories by providing some personal data and you are ready to submit your articles. Since these article directories are having high Page Rank in search engines, your article gets indexed very soon and is available to public at large for viewing.

This is fairly a easy and cost free idea; many online marketers have tested, including me. In the beginning you have to exercise patience. Once the system is in your grip, you will be able to write and submit articles fast. This process should enable you earn $100-150 in the next 15 days if you do everything as stated.

Best Publishing Affiliate Networks and Resources:

If you use the above system in letter and spirit, there is every possibility that you will earn at least dollars 150 in the first ten days.
If you really want to deepen your knowledge of how to earn real money on the internet, here is a resource you can use to find more about the system.


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