5 Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools Online Marketers Cannot Live Without
essential online marketing tools
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5 Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools Online Marketers Cannot Live Without

Technology innovations have placed at our disposal a plethora of internet marketing tools. These tools are essential as they save lot of our time and relieve us of pains. Internet marketers cannot live without certain tools. Thanks to the caring programmers. It is well known fact that digital products cost less because these are duplicable.

Secondly, if you are not using these tools in one way or the other, not only you are wasting your precious time but also appear unprofessional in your promotions. For internet marketers, time is of essence. Some time you have to perform several tasks in a given time. Just for example, if you are technically challenged and cannot design a website, you can make use of a software which is easy to use and in a day you can build and host your website. Likewise, if you want to build a sales page to promote a new product, you can build your sales page in few minutes and start promotions. Let us have a look at these important tools.

Different tools are used for different purposes. Depending upon your situation, you can consider which tools are essential for your business. Given below are the most essential tools which can be used to get higher response from your efforts.

SEO Site Builder System :

Every online business needs website builder (in case your are not website designer) to crank out attention grabbing web pages. As an online marketer, you want your website designed in such a way as to present your professional image. No visitor trusts in mediocre websites. If you are technically challenged and cannot design websites with HTML or CSS codes, you can very well use SEO Site Builder System. This is a must have tool. Let me tell you one secret here. Beginners waste lot of time in deciding about website. This system is user-friendly and simple to use. Any beginner or pro can benefit from this KillerWebsiteBuilder.

Keyword Research Tool KeyWordElite :

When you build website pages, you have to mention in the source code of the page very few but very important keywords or keyword phrases that relate and represent your main content article. On the basis of these keywords, top search engines decide ranking for any website in search engine result pages (SERP). There are so many other factors search engines take into account, but sprinkling highly relevant keywords in your articles is one of the important factors that is used in deciding ranking by search engine crawlers which ultimately decide success of a website.

Using Keyword Elite you can develop different lists of high paying and highly relevant keywords relating to your website, in just seconds. In case your website displays adsense ads, this tool is a must for you. In any article keyword density of 5-6 percent is considered reasonable.

Most importantly, this tool will tell you everything about demand and supply. What keywords for a particular product people searched during a given month? When you know popular products that people are purchasing, you can build your website around those products and make money selling products in demand. This is a great secret internet marketers do not reveal easily. Keyword Elite This is a secret weapon all successful marketers are using to spy on the competition to make big money from successful products. Click here for more information on this product. Use of Keyword Elite is considered so important that online marketer cannot survive without Keyword Elite. Get your copy of Keyword Elite and quickly generate enormous, 10,000+ keyword lists within minutes. Spy on your Adwords competition. Find hidden niches, and uncover thousands of profitable Adsense keywords! Get your copy of Keyword Elite here

Link Cloaker covertLinks :

If you are or intend to promote any kind of affiliate products, software or ebooks, use of CovertLinks is critical to your business to save your commission from internet thieves. The CovertLinks uses an advanced framing technology that ensures your Affiliate Cookies are set despite Internet Explorer blocking cookies from framed pages and additional security in PHP version in that it blocks any HTTP Headers from the Merchant's site so the Parasite Software parsing HTTP Headers can't do so.

You need to have your own, free or paid website to use this link cloaking system. Whether you have a simple HTML or PHP website, you can use covertLink Cloaker easily. The software is very easy to use and economical. Click Here to find more about covertLinks Advanced Affiliate Link Cloaker

Autoresponder Software :

Opt-in list building and email marketing is most important part of any online internet business. You can manage your list in two ways. Depending upon third party software like Aweber or Getresponse where you pay monthly subscription depending upon the number of subscribers on your list or by having your own software.

With your own software on your computer, you have full control over your list. There are many autoresponder software available but the Mailloop Software is the best considered. Rather than depending upon a third party and paying monthly subscriptions, why not have your own software to have full control over your list building efforts.

Since Corey Rudl and Derek Gehl are recognized experts and specialized in producing email-marketing software and other related products, they understand very well requirements of online marketers. They have built the email marketing software keeping in view that professionals and beginners will use their software alike. So even a beginner can manage his opt-in list very easily with mailloop software. While building the software, all aspects of email marketing have been kept in view. Using the software building and managing your own list is child's play. This is the single most important aspect responsible for success for internet marketers.

Some of the Salient Features of the Mailloop Software are:
  • It will increase your income by 45% by automating your email delivery process spending far less time.
  • Unlimited autoresponder messages.
  • You will be able to automate more than 80% of the in-house email marketing tasks. Once you have set up the software, follow-up, bounce, un-subscription is automatic and hassle free.
  • You can send HTML or plain text messages.
  • It has built in spam check, statistics reporting, multiple list management - all aspects of your online marketing can be looked after by Mailloop.
  • It comes with 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if for any reason you are not satisfied with its working, you can take your money back no questions asked. So you have more than sufficient time to test its functionality.
It is a bit pricey. But other comparable software are in the same or high range with limited functionality. While dealing with emails, it is far better to get strong shield and buy peace of mind with state-of-the-art software rather than dealing spam related laws. Secondly, you don't buy such software everyday and this is for use until your business remains. Explore more about Mailloop List Building & Email Marketing Software

Ebook Building Software :

Ebook Pro 6.0 is the product of Internet Marketing Tips (Global Leaders of Internet Marketing). It is a point-and-click, very easy to use ebook building software. Its functions are as simple as clicking keyboard keys and mouse. Professional graphics, logs etc. are included with full security features so that no one can duplicate your ebook. You can disable it if someone does not comply to your requirements. You can produce professional ebooks, your own product to sell in the market and earn money. Ebooks selling business is hot and one Ebook written on a demanding subject can earn you money for all time to come.

Since design quality of the ebooks produced by Ebook Pro is very high, you will have no difficulty in selling your digital products on the internet. You can also build an ebook full of useful information for free viral distribution to boost your marketing efforts. You will be amazed with its features and simple to use interface.
Want to know more about how eBook Pro 6.0 works and how it can boost YOUR online business. Click Here for more information on Ebook Pro 6.0


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