how to build opt in optin list quickly to earn money with affiliate marketing
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Build Opt In List Easily And Earn Massive Profits!

Email marketing has seen many ups and downs in the past few years due to stringent laws put in place all over world to combat spam. Apart from that, many new technologies like RSS marketing, blogging, and now social bookmarking Web 2.0 have emerged. But Email marketing has stood test of the time and remains one of the most efficient and cost effective way to communicate with potential customers system delivering excellent results. It is still most widely acceptable means of communication with customer or prospect contact. Some section has spread misgivings about email marketing. Be informed, email marketing is as strong as it was ever. Only the spammers need to worry and scarce. Legitimate email marketers have nothing to worry with the strict email laws so long as they follow the law in letter and spirit.

Beginners find some difficulty in taking a plunge in email marketing because they think it is something very difficult. Once understood, it is not difficult at all. All it requires is understand a set of pre-defined bunch of steps required to be taken before one is ready to monetize from email marketing.

Most successful system to remain in touch with a customer is email, not blog, not RSS. Once you know that an email has arrived from a trusted or known source, you will definitely open it. Most gurus have perfected their email delivery systems, using it effectively and making good money. Likewise, anyone who follows the correct procedure required for email marketing, can earn money with a combination of a website and email marketing.

Email marketing is not fully dependent upon a website, you can market your product even without a website. But it is always advisable to have a website for better control over your online business. If you don't have your own website, you will be sending traffic to your merchant's site and you will have no clue as to who clicked your website and resultant difficulty in building your own list. You can join a few good affiliate programs and advertise in the newsletters and ezines. You can even track the results of clicks and visitors since the quality newsletters and ezines provide tracking data also.

As is generally said money is in the list. So how do you build a mailing list or opt-in list. One way is get your own content rich website around your product theme and put up a opt-in form providing your visitors useful information when they fill up opt in form for more information or future mailings, from your website. In the process they agree to receive future mailing from you. You can then start sending occasional mailing with soft sales pitches.

Another way is you can provide them a free quality ebook download from your website in lieu of their filling up a form or provide a course via autoresponder, spread over a period of time on a subject you are expert on. Either way, when they subscribe, they are on your list. Still another way is you can publish your own newsletter or ezine and get the subscribers through your website or other advertisements. It is to be noted setting up autoresponder does not take much time. What is important is writing email series (content rich mails) to influence your subscribers. Here you have to remain very careful to provide them top notch and latest information on the subject or product you are pursuing because there is no place for hype on the internet.

You can further increase the rate of opt-in subscribers but putting in place an effective email capture system like effective pop-ups. Lot of people have developed unliking for popup due to their annoying and obtrusive nature. But still top internet marketers are using impact popup generated with latest software which are different from traditional pop-ups. This new kind of popup does not annoy your visitor, and disappears quickly making an impact for a short while. In a subtle way they are using it and increasing their opt-in base.

As far as autoresponder is concerned, many forms are available on the internet. Autoresponder service from is the best, which comes with monthly subscription. Mailloop from is also the best. While aweber is an online service, with Mailloop you have full control as it sits on your computer.

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