Sure shot ways to get free traffic to website
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8-Sure Shot Ways to Getting Free Traffic to Your Website

When a website is ready for world view, every marketer gets worried about how to drive continuous stream of free targeted traffic to their website to get the word of their website out and getting maximum exposure and profit from sales. If there is no traffic, there would be no sales. The highest priority of every marketer becomes to make all outefforts to get targeted traffic from all possible sources. Given below are some easy and some arduous ways to getting targeted traffic to your website, blog or Web 2.0 site which you can include in your day-to-day advertising routine. Be prepared to do lot of hard work regularly with patience. Ofcourse the list of traffic sourcesis long but these are well accepted and proven methods to attract targeted traffice to your website.

1. One of the best ways to drive stream of targeted traffic to your website is by optimizing website for search engines to get organic traffic. This kind of exercise requires hard work of optimize your website right from beginning - selecting domain name with keyword, title, keywords and phrases, description of alt tag, website and updating. This is time consuming and boring. You can work on site SEO yourself taking one step at a time or outsourcing SEO task. When your site is search engine friendly, it is definitely going to get big-targeted traffic day in and day out.

2. Pay-Per-Click is most liked way of getting targeted traffic from search engines by purchasing advertising clicks from major search engines. For each visitor, you pay per click amount depending upon the keywords you bid for. This is a bit daunting and time consuming for beginners. But you get quality visitors from search engines. You may also want to read through a proven informative ebook written by an expert before jumping right to PPC advertising.

3. In the beginning you can start with free renowned traffic exchanges. These traffic exchanges show your website to other surfers while you surf their. The ratio is usually 2:1. That is when you view their two sites; your site is shown once. It is said that visitors from traffic exchanges are not quality visitors. Most of them are surfing just trying to get free traffic for their websites. Websites get at least some exposure.

4. Online Communities, Forums and Web 2.0 type websites, which have high page rank and popular, are quality source of getting free-targeted traffic. This work requires commitment on your part of visiting forums regularly and posting your answers to other members who have some kind of problem. When you post a solution to their question, you get benefit of adding your signature at the end of your post, which contains little introduction and live link of your website.

5. Publishing electronic newsletter or ezine or a blog is a great way to generate traffic to your website. Publication of newsletter or ezine requires commitment in the sense that you have to store in advance lot of articles and content for future publications. You can make 2-3 posts a week. You need to make few posts and major search engines crawl your post within hours.

6. Putting an opt-in form in your website is also one of the great way to get targeted traffic to your website. The visitors who opt-in for your website product or services are most probably interested in your product.

7. You can submit your website to niche-related directories. This helps in bring traffic and improving ranking.

8. Press Release is also one of the best way to get the word out about your website and back links. As soon as your website is live, you can submit it to press release-related websites and immediately announce to work about your website.

In the final analysis it can be said that there is not one sure-shot method to generating free targeted traffic to your website. You have to use several sources to get maximum benefit from different traffic generation sources. You can make a plan drive regular traffic to your website from different sources and and reach your goals.


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